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Trustworthy Solutions Gems For Feminine Streangth And Vitality 



pearls steams and baths all made with only top of the line botanicals custom blended using traditional ideals and practices.

Common Queries



What is the function of the Yoni Gems  Pearls ?

It is used for  V maintenance and cleansing. This product is one of the best Yoni pearls and it has the capacity of collecting toxins from a woman's yoni and initiating the purging process which is aimed at thorough cleansing.


How  are Yoni Gems   Pearls  to be used?

It can be used by simply inserting it into the Yoni while it begins its work of removing any and every toxin found there.


What age of persons can use the Yoni Gems  Pearls ?

Females from the age of 18 to 65 years can use the product, even if she's experienced an emotional or physical trauma, a hysterectomy or a miscarriage. We only advise against pregnant or breastfeeding women and women with an IUD.


Is the product approved by FDA?

Although regulation of herbs and holistic treatments is not done by the FDA, we can guarantee you that this product is highly effective and safe for detoxification use. In addition, this product is also a natural v cleanse that has no side effects.


At what times is it not OK to use the product?

When one is pregnant, breastfeeding, on or near her period is not a good time to use the Yoni Gems Cleansing Pearl Suppositories, hence we strongly advise that one waits for at least 3 months after a surgery to use the product. Do not use if you have an IUD.


Can I use the Yoni Gems Cleansing Pearls when pregnant or breastfeeding?

It is not advisable to use this product while pregnant or breastfeeding because it has the capacity of traveling around the body. It can also get into the breast milk and potentially affect the growth of the child. Do not use if you have chosen an IUD for birth controle it is very possible that it will disturb the placement of the IUD.


How soon can one begin using this product after giving birth or having a miscarriage?

Not less than 3 months after delivery or miscarriage. Any moment after then is fine.


Is it good to have sex while using the product?

No. During sex, a penis or vibrator can shove the Yoni Gems Detox Pearl Suppository deep into the yoni and may need medical assistance when you want to remove it. So on safety grounds, it is better to wait for about a week until the cleansing process is completed before resuming sex again.


Can I masturbate while using the product?

You may, on the grounds that you won't be inserting anything; like a vibrator into the yoni.


Why the frequent urination?

Don't get bothered. Frequent urination is common and usually, a way of cleansing as the excess urine helps to get the body rid of toxins and impurities.


How often should one cleanse?

Every woman is different so it may not be possible to fix a particular routine but we'll suggest once in a month. If you feel like doing it less often, you may as well go ahead.


How many of the products can one use for the cleansing?

Every woman is different so there could never be a fixed number of the product that will completely detoxify the yoni however, we'll suggest that you get a few, maybe two to begin with. Once you confirm that the product has no adverse effect on you, you may then order for more.


How long can I use these products?

It should be inserted for a minimum of one day and a maximum of 3 days after which it is removed then, the body begins to purge itself of the toxins, mucus and dead skin cells that have been built up for a while. This should not last more than a week.


What is the best time to use this product?

The best time to use the product is about a week before one's period or at least 3 days after. In the event that one begins menstruating while still cleansing simply remove it and reinsert the product at a later date.


Are there any side effects of using the product?

Although it usually does not last long, some persons experience itching as the product begins to pass through the yoni during the cleansing process. Others may experience mild cramps especially if they have fibrosis or cysts. Yoni gems cleansing Pearls is a v cleanse that is made with 100% natural ingredients.



What is the function of the Yoni Gems V Steam?

The hot steam that is released from the combination of medicinal herbs in water cleanses tones, heals and makes supple the vaginal and uterine tissues. Volatile oils and other though benefits of the herbs carried by the steam and then absorbed by the vaginal tissues and enters the bloodstream thus providing general health of the reproductive system. Buy Yoni Cleanse Pearls, Best Yoni Pearls, Yoni Cleanse Pearls Buy now


What group of women would benefit from the Yoni Gems V Steam?

Women with different medical conditions as irregular menstrual cycles, painful menstruation, previous vaginal tear or episiotomy, uterine fibroids, uterine weakness, uterine prolapse, ovarian cysts, the presence of brown or purple colored blood during menstruation, those with stagnant fertility conditions or if one wants to tighten her vagina to enhance her sexual experience.


When is it not OK to use Yoni Gems V Steam?

During one's period, if pregnant, if one has an infection, blisters, open wounds, sores or if one has genital piercings are not good times to use it. It can only be used on the grounds that metals at such pierced points are removed because heat from the steam can make it hurt badly. It is also advisable to not use essential oils with Yoni Gems Vagi Steam as the delicate tissues of the genitals may get burnt.


How would I know that this product is not a scam?

It is very easy to know a product that is not a scam. All you need to do is carry out your own research about the product and see what previous users are saying about the product. For Yoni gems Pearls and Yoni gems V steam, we can assure you that they work effectively as claimed.

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Yoni Gems Pearls & Yoni Gems V Steam

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes it is our pleasure to offer gift cards please contact us by email at for further details.

Which payment methods do you accept?

All major credit cards by Pay Pal

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