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YG  “Pearl”  

Achieve Optimal PH-Balance!

Trusted by women for centuries.

Feel confident and empowered.

Safe and effective solutions.

Trustworthy SolutionsFor Feminine Strength And Vitality 



pearls steams and baths all made with only top of the line botanical"s custom blended using centuries old ideals and practices.


"YG"s cleansing pearls are the perfect all natural intimate  solution.Targeted to help improve many intimate female concerns. As a result of their safe and all natural components, they bring soothing relief to a wide variety of conditions and common discomforts experience by women of all ages all over the world.

 'YG"s  pearls and natural feminine cleanses are manufactured from entirely all natural process that is loyaly  sourced from traditional Chinese recipes that have been around and trusted by women for more than 5000 years.

YG"s  pearls  do not contain chemical additives and are manufactured in the most sterile environments. The manufacturing process is conducted under strict safety conditions and in “GMP” standard approved facilities in order to ensure that they pass rigorous  standards and offer maximum  benefits.  They have absolutely no side effects, are non-toxic and have passed more than 1000 clinical trials to further confirm the safety of its components.



  • Do not start a second cycle until a minimum of 7 days after your last cycle

  • Do not use pearls during your menstrual cycle

  • Drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of water and use only 1YG"s detox pearl if you are sensitive. This will help you flush out the toxins and facilitate the discharge from your womb.

  • Consult your doctor or physician before use if you are currently taking any prescribed medication to discuss any possible interactions with the herbs.

  • Do not use YG"s  pearls  if you are pregnant/ breastfeeding and strictly avoid if your hymen is intact.



How Do "YG"s Pearls  Work?

The specially selected components present in the herbs from which YG"s  pearls are manufactured create a strong and highly potent pulling effect that expels toxins, dead cells, and bad bacteria while drawing out old blood clots, mucus and more from inside you. They function simultaneously to give a tightening effect and preventing intimate dryness. It contains powerful traditional herbs that help to remove toxins from the vagina; these herbs are also effective as their pulling effect are responsible for improving blood circulation around the womb, perineum and uterus thereby creating acleansing effect.

How soon does YG"s  pearls  start working and what effect will I notice?

YG"s  pearls   are typically removed out from your body after 2-3 days of insertion.

Upon removal, it will be clear that it has adsorbed a substantial amount of toxins, germs and bacteria as it will have become bigger than before.

After your cleanse you will notice common symptoms like odor, pain, vaginal itching and other gynecological symptoms will have been abated and greatly relieved. Additionally, all bacteria and thick secretions are absorbed by the suppository and ejected after use. 

YG"s  pearls  will help to improve the  tissue metabolism and encourage  healing  thereby repairing the  walls to a smooth texture and a healthy state.  



How to insert YG"s  pearls?

Thoroughly wash your hands before opening the sealed package and removing the suppositories. Undo the strings from the pearls and tie a knot at the base for easy removal.

Lay flat on your back with your knees pressed to your chest. Push one YG"s pearl  using your middle finger deeply into your"V".

Leave the inserted pearl inserted in your"V" for 48-72 hours and then remove after this time elapses.

Allow you "V" to discharge toxins for the next 2-3 days we suggest you  wear a panty liner while the suppository is inserted. After removal, allow a time lapse of 24 hours before inserting a new pearl.

 Remove pearl from "V", wash with lukewarm water and wait for the discharge to come out naturally. However, if you choose to take out the discharge using your finger,  do this very carefully to avoid scratching the inner walls of the "V" cavity.



Each cleanse cycle is done using 3 YG"s  pearls .

A typicalcleanse would last for 7-9 days and is highly dependent on your specific body type and ailment.

YG"s  pearls should not be used immediately before, during or after your menstrual period. Do not use within 7 days before menstruation and allow at least three days after the end of menstruation before usage.

Check the product listing to see of you are allergic to any of the ingredients used to avoid itching or other adverse reactions. Avoid using the suppository if you tend to react to any component as each Yoni is different.

Keep away from the mouth and do not ingest.

Do not have sexual intercourse during treatment. If you wish to have sexual intercourse, remove YG"s  pearls and wait for 24 hours after you thoroughly rinse your Yoni with fresh water before having intercourse.

You may Use 1 pearl to eliminate any risk of bacterial infections after sexual intercourse.

As a preventive measure against possible bacteria, you may use 1 pearl while travelling or after swimming in a pool.



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