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Preparing your womb for pregnancy through holistic medicine and healthy lifestyle

Natural Vaginal Detox

Preparing your womb for pregnancy through holistic medicine, herbal remedies and a healthy lifestyle is highly recommended and one of the best ways to achieve this is through detoxification. Detoxifying has been around and used by the Native Americans, Egyptians and Japanese for many thousand years. It is the natural way to keep the body healthy and definitely one of the most beneficial things to do before you get pregnant.

What is Fertility Detox?

Having a fertility detox during the period of conceptual preparation is necessary to create a healthy body and womb for pregnancy. Fertility detox involves cleansing of the vagina to rid this amazing secret treasure of yeast infection and bacteria in the vagina, uterine cleansing to increase blood circulation to the uterine tissue, and tonify the uterine tissues to rid the uterus of old stagnant blood.

Reasons For Fertility Detox

Overtime, our bodies accumulate toxins from chemicals around us, certain foods we eat and cosmetics we wear, in fatty tissues which are found in almost all the organs of our bodies, including the reproductive system. Using holistic medicine, herbal remedies and maintaining a consistent healthy lifestyle is the best bet to rid the uterus of harmful substances to our fertility.

Some Mediums of Toxins

  • Poor diet

  • Hormonal birth control

  • Alcohol

  • Excess hormones

  • Cigarette smoke

  • Pesticides

A womb-preparation detox focuses on three major areas that are key to conception.

Vagina Health

The vagina speaks identity and feminity. Taking care of the vagina is key to reproductive health as it is the gateway by which your baby will come into the world. The vagina, just as other organs in our bodies, have several self-cleansing mechanism. The vagina cleanses itself through vaginal discharge or moisture and sweating. The fertility detox is a precious discovery, that keeps the vagina perfectly functioning and unharmed from the toxins. The fertility detox is a natural remedy containing the very best, potent and refined detoxifying herbs like:

Cnidium (renowned for creating a sexual libido, clearing up your vagina, increasing fertility and treating existing bacterial infections)

Stemona (kills parasites and aids blood circulation)

Fructus Kochia (promoting urination and relieving itchiness)

Borneol which is popular for its adjuvant therapeutic use and absorption capabilities, provide antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties to the Gems.

Ingredients like Stemona roots, Kochia Scoparia are known for killing vaginal parasites and are used in the Gems to difficult urination, turbid discharge, vaginal itchiness etc.

Uterine Health

Uterine health is very important for conception. During every menstral cycle the uterus releases the lining built that month for an embryo implant. Uterine disorders happen when the lining does not completely clean out every circle which causes old stagnant blood to remain. This disorder is facilitated by the following factors:

  • Low circulation

  • Unhealthy diet

  • Hormonal imbalance

  • Misplaced uterus

Through the use of specific cleansing and uterine herbal remedies, you can support your uterine health, increase circulation and tonify the uterine muscles, all towards promoting a healthy uterine environment. Herbs like those listed below are all proportionately packed into the fertility detox:

Motherwort (constitute an tremendous tonic for the uterus and reproductive organs which helps in regulating menstruation, removing toxins, balancing hormones, moderating mood swings, easing palpititions hot flushes and much more)

Rhizoma (for removing toxins and relieving hot flashes)

Ligusticum Waliichii (known for helping in widening the blood vessels in the abdominal region thus increasing blood flow and relaxation of abdominal muscle cells as well as lessening the period pains).

Increasing Circulation to the Uterus

Proper circulation is key to uterine health as it serves as the communication loop between the ovaries and the uterus vs. the rest of the endocrine system, to enhance smooth functionality. Proper hormonal balance and all other functions such as menstruation, ovulation, and hormone production are hinged on proper blood circulation to the uterus. Holistic herbal remedies, exercise and massage is highly beneficial to increasing blood circulation to the uterus.

Dong Quai or Angelica known as the female Ginseng has been considered as the ultimate woman’s tonic herb for centuries; dong quai is known to help women regaining the normal menstrual cycles and treating menstrual pain, cramping, menopause, PMS, vaginal dryness as well as insomnia and blood pressure instability.

Lovage or Rhizoma Chuan Xiong is a very popular Chinese herb that has many beneficial effects on the physical and emotional health of women viz. expanding the coronary artery, increasing the coronary blood flow, reducing vascular resistance and platelet activity, preventing thrombosis and vitamin E deficiency, promoting blood circulation, removing obstruction in the collateral region, relieving pain.

Who to cleanse?

Every woman preparing for conception needs to cleanse. Whether we see any of these symptoms yet or not, keep in mind that toxins from mediums you cannot control like inhaling fumes from vehicles or excess stress will keep accumulating. If accumulation or these deposits are not checked, they become a huge problem to conception. Those who suffer from any of the symptoms below are as a result of excess toxins already surfacing in various medical conditions like those listed below.

  • irregular menstruation

  • Leucorrhea (abonormal vaginal discharge)

  • menstrual pain

  • vaginal itching

  • vaginitis

  • cervical erosion

  • Endometriosis

  • annex inflammation

  • pelvic inflammatory

  • Ovarian cysts

  • yeast infection and other gynecological diseases

  • having a bad sexual life

  • uterine fibroids and other uterine diseases

  • dark spots

  • Melasma

Detoxifying through herbal remedies and holistic medicine such as Yoni Gems Detox & Cleanse is specific, tailored to your fertility needs and effective above all else, for reproductive system health.

It is a holistic herbal remedy

The detox formulation is made of whole herbs which are most holistic, gentle and effective.

It is gentle on the system yet effective

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